LGBTQI+ Inclusive Community Day Program

We are currently conducting a needs assessment in partnership with OpenHouse and On Lok to explore specific care needs for LGBTQI+ seniors. The results of this needs assessment will be used to create an adult day health center that is inclusive of the needs of LGBTQ+ aging adults.

This program will feature activities, nutrition programs, and social services focused on elevating the lives our aging LGBTQI+ population while maintaining their highest level of independence.

Yahoo Finance News

New report reveals LGBTQ seniors face critical challenges accessing aging services

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Findings highlight the critical need to co-design a program by and for LGBTQ seniors

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KCBS Radio

A new report suggests that a significant percentage of LGBTQ seniors in San Francisco don’t use services available to them

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Speakers urge LGBTs to start planning for end-of-life care

Jason Flatt, Ph.D., a gay, cisgender man and assistant professor at the Institute for Health and Aging at UCSF, said that in the LGBT community there are fewer people with children and some who are also “disconnected” from their families. Flatt said it is important to have home care workers who are sensitive to the needs of LGBT people.

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