Understanding the Health Needs of Our Aging LGBTQIA+ Population

LGBTQIA+ Aging Research

LGBTQIA+ & Alzheimer’s

Memory problems were found to be higher in LGBTQIA+ people compared to non-LGBTQIA+.

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Training Healthcare Professionals

Stonewall Generation

We need several strategies to improve care and the quality of life of our communities.

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Rainbows Of Aging: An academic & community-Based research Program focused on improving the quality of life of LGBTQIA+ older adults

        Mission: To explore the lived experiences of sexual and gender minority older adults to better serve their care needs in Later life, and to prepare for the next Generation of LGBTQIA+ adults

Our Latest News

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Aging in Community: Strategies for LGBTQ Seniors and Beyond held on June 19, 2019